Saturday, July 20, 2013

Despite the heat, the flowers are still beautiful

This is the top of mint, I didn't know they flowered, they sure spread a lot, and fast, I am a bit sorry I put it in my garden.  If any one wants some (in a pot) let me know. I Have a lot of it.

 I forget a lot of flower names but I think this is some kind of phlox
Bee Balm

Attracts a lot of bee's, it's fun to watch them fly from flower to flower and see all the pollen on their legs

Orange Lily

Not sure about this one but it came from Lori's garden, I love it!!

I always think the greens are weeds and rip these out but then I miss a few and realize they are flowers, I need to pay more attention to what plants are vs. weeds

Globe thistle, they don't do much but turn a real pretty blue, I think I like them because they remind of of fireworks


Priscilla said...

Great closeups.

A beutiful yellow butterfly visited my garden yesterday -- Easter Tiger Swallowtail -- but of course no camera to hand.

Kristen said...

Thank you P. I've been practicing a lot this summer because I have another wedding to photograph this fall, I did this once before and I had no clue what I was in for or doing. I still don't!! I took a bunch of pics yesterday that I am not sure what I did and they are awful.

There seems to be a lot of butterflies out there right now, they are beautiful indeed!

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