Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lake pleasant New York


Biddie said...

What a sweeping view!! Did you experiment with the wide-angle feature on your camera? It turned out really well!

Kristen said...

Yes that is the picture I took with my new Samsung Galaxy s4 phone, why is it stuck in the writing part of my blog though?

Biddie said...

The way that the template is coded allows the picture to expand to its natural (proportional) width even though it crosses over on top of the right-hand column's "territory".

The developers could have coded pictures to be chopped off when they reach the maximum number of pixels allowed for the left-hand column.

But even though the picture is allowed to span the total number of pixels allowed for both columns, the coding reduces the size of the picture proportionally so it isn't distorted ~~ just a lot smaller.

Definitely frustrating when you have a nice wide picture like this!!

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