Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fidelco Dog Benefit Ride

Sunday we went on a very large group ride to benefit the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation.  I hadn't really paid attention to what they do before.  I was very impressed how much they support the military and the guy in charge, CEO, CFO, President, whatever you call him, he's a down to earth , all around , just plain nice guy.  Although it was a long day, I 'm very happy we went

I rode on the back of Ray's motorcycle because it was hot and I really wanted to take pictures, here we are going up to the town we live in actually, we rode from Bloomfield CT, through Hartland, Canton, Avon , Simsbury and back to Bloomfield where we started.  We are about 1/2 way in this pack of motorcycles so there is this many bikes behind us!

They have a field of flags for fallen soldiers which was new this year, you can buy a flag in memory of a soldier for $10
They had police on hand to block every intersection so we could ride right through all the stop signs and lights.

Demonstrations were done so we could see how they train the dogs to do various things.  There were a lot of dogs there that are in training walking around with the volunteers who foster them.  They are SO well behaved and don't jump around and bark at each other or try to play


Biddie said...

What an interesting day! My Freebe has learned to respond to some hand-signals ~~ I think it is because his mother was an Australian Shepard which is known to be able to learn signals for herding sheep. Freebe doesn't herd sheep (or the cats) but does Sit, Stay, Come and Lay-down on signal ~~ usually ....

Kristen said...

Dogs are so smart, I wish cats could be trained like that!

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