Friday, June 26, 2009

Quick Pics

This is my white goats beard that Chery had up on her blog

One of the weeds, this top looks different than the rest of the plant so maybe it is blooming something . see the spike looking part?

Here is the other "weed" it's bigger than my obelisk now and that is 7 feet

This is from Lori's gardens

A different view of my new garden, I know I take pictures of it all the time, I am amazed how much it filled in and I get a lot of Hummingbirds and butterflies now


Cheryl said...

My gosh that weed or whatever it is is huge!!

Are you sure Corey didn't throw some magic beans out the window?

Your new garden looks like it's been planted for a few years already, really nice :)

Biddie said...

Oh, wow! That mystery plant has decided that you have given it a fine home! I'm fascinated by what the blooms will be - just don't let it go to seed - JIC

You have certainly done a beautiful job - kudos, for sure!!

Kristen said...

Jack in the beanstalk beans??? It is huge and I hope it does something good so I don't feel like a fool for leaving it there!!

Thanks! I love that garden I can't wait to make another one.

Are you staying home this weekend? I could pop over for a tour maybe saturday if it's not raining, maybe we can go for a hunt in the woods for fun stuff??

Cheryl said...

Do you know anyone that has a metal detector? There's an old foundation in the woods near us that I've been wanting to excavate...I bet there's all sorts of treasures to be found!!

Kristen said...

hmmm not really, Vinny's dad has one but they moved to NH.

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